TTI Recruit - Solicitor Certification, Apostille and China Embassy Attestation


IMPORTANT - China are now part of the Apostille Convention. Documents that have been issued with the Apostille no longer require further embassy attestation. You can order the Apostille Service here.

Important - This service is for TTI Recruit clients only. The fee is charged per document.

We are pleased to work with TTI Recruit to provide a fast and secure Chinese legalisation service at a discounted rate. This service includes the full Chinese legalisation of degree certificates, TEFL certificates, criminal record checks and more.  The current processing time for this is approximately 2 weeks. 

To order – Add to Cart – CheckoutAfter ordering online you will get an order number. Please then follow the instructions below.

In addition to sending the original documents please also send the following TWO documents to Apostille Service.

  1. Copy of your passport 
  2. This Embassy Form (follow the instructions below closely when filling this out)
  • This form should be ink signed and dated twice on the second page. As you will see, there are 3 stars in total. Please sign and date next to the 2 which state “applicant’s signature”.
  • Section 1 should also be completed. Please ensure that the whole section is completed, and no boxes are left blank. If any part of this section is not applicable to you, please put “N/A” (you can just write "N/A" in the boxes of the "employer information" section as this is not important).
  • Ensure that section 1 of the form is typed out in BLOCK CAPITALS.
  • Complete the tick boxes in sections 3 and 4, and complete the “destination of legalisation” box.
  • Apostille Service will complete the rest of the form for you.
  • Ensure that the signature on the embassy form matches the signature on the passport.

Using our legalisation service will save you time and money!